Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Waiting for Power

In case you haven't heard, the area where we live was hit by an "inland hurricane." We're fine, but we've been without power since just after noon Friday and there are many old and large trees that have been completely uprooted and many homes sustained much damage with one fatality.

We grilled the food we had in the fridge and freezer and invited our friends to come eat it before it went bad. Chase drove 30 miles to find ice for the coolers to keep what food we could salvage fresh and Simon's milk from spoiling. After hearing Sunday morning it could be up to a week before we'd get power back, we decided to pack up and visit some family in Louisville, KY for a few days.

According to reports we've read from our power company, we'll hopefully have power back tomorrow, so that's when we're heading back.

We've been keeping ourselves occupied with family, playing with Simon and shopping. Today my sister came down and we all took Simon to the park. Here are a few pictures from that little excursion...

Swinging with Mommy

Swinging with 2LT Aunt Manders, Daddy & Aunt Paige

I promise that's joy and not fear

Having fun with Daddy

Walking 2LT Aunt Manders

You can view more park pictures here.

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The Billingsleys said...

Looks like tons o' fun! Si sure loves walking with someone, looks like he'll be doing that on his own soon.