Thursday, May 14, 2009

We're Home AND Have Power!

When we arrived home yesterday we had power (and TV and Internet)! Our fridge/freezer has been cleaned (thanks to Chase) and pretty much restocked. It still looks a little bare, but I think that's mostly because we're used to leaving old leftovers in there and forgetting about them.

Here's a story from our Louisville park adventure that I didn't mention in my last post: Simon walked me over to these two little kids (a boy & girl both about two years old) and screamed until they acknowledged him. The little girl said, "Aww, a baby! I love you Baby!" and then tried to plant some dandelions. A little while later the girl was up on the jungle gym being a princess in need of rescue. The boy was her rescuer, I guess. When Simon climbed up towards her she screamed, "Ah! A monster!" and ran away. They both circled around and came up behind Simon again and she yelled, "Another monster!"

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Ashley Clark said...

ah, I love that Simon story! Thats funny!