Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Simon's First Birthday: The Party

Here's what you want to see, pictures from Simon's first birthday...

The "smash cake" I made just for Simon

The cake I made for everyone else to eat sans baby slobber (both chocolate with homemade buttercream frosting)

Si with his baby guests, his girl Nella and friend Marley

Not knowing what's going on
(photo by Keli B.)

Tasting and liking
(photo by Keli B.)

Digging in!
(photo by Keli B.)

Open mouth cakey kisses
(photo by Keli B.)

That's the gist of it. We hung out, had snacks, cake & ice cream and watched Simon open presents (and by "open presents" I mean that I opened them while he played with some paper and some of the presents as they were opened).

While Si didn't have a meltdown at his party, he did wake up about an hour after we'd put him to bed and was crying harder than we've heard him cry since he was itty bitty. It was so sad! I guess it's a right of passage to go through your first birthday, get overwhelmed and over tired, have sugar shock and then suffer sugar withdraw.

You can see a few more party pictures by clicking here.


Mama2SweetBabyJames said...

You did a great job on those cakes, girl!

Ashley Clark said...

I love those pictures, it looks like Simon had a awesome 1st birthday! I wish I had a cake like his!

The Masons said...

Well done on the cake!!!

I'm glad to see that Simon dug in a little. Not a single one of my neices or nephews really even ended up touching their first birthday cake! (It was kind of dissapointing to not see them covered in cake and icing!)