Wednesday, December 10, 2008

On the Mend

Chase has been taking care of a couple sickies lately, and by "sickies" I mean Simon and me. It all started Thursday evening when we went out to get new phones. Simon had a bit of a runny nose, and it just got worse from there.

We first went to the AT&T kiosk at the mall, but the deals just weren't good enough. So it was off to Best Buy where we got our phones for free (with 2 year contract renewal). To get a deal at the mall kiosk, we'd have to sign up and pay for extra junk we don't use on our plan, but not at Best Buy. Then we ordered memory cards from

Phones these days are crazy. I mean, I can edit video on my stinkin' phone! We went with the Sony Ericsson W580i. The big feature on this phone is that it's a walkman; you can listen to your own music or pick up FM radio on it. It's got all kinds of newfangled gadgetry!

Back to the sickliness... Simon slept the whole time we were at the mall and then woke up with a very runny nose while we were at Best Buy. He was very fussy by the time we got home and was all congested. When we finally got him to sleep, I could feel myself coming down with what he had; and when I got up with him overnight, I was sure I had it...

That was Thursday...

We were sick all day Friday (I ended up calling Simon's doctor Friday night when his fever reached 100.1), most of the day Saturday, some of the day Sunday and have had the remnants these last few days. Because he was so congested, Simon ended up sleeping in his carseat several nights. I have to say I am very thankful for the medical marvels that are acetaminophen and Aquaphor. Acetaminophen kept our fevers down and relieved my aching body while Aquaphor healed the dry skin around our noses as well as my chapped hands (from constantly washing them). Now if we could just get rid of the cough...

Bedtime has turned into quite the battle; Simon gets super upset every time we put him down. It doesn't matter if we put him down asleep, drowsy or completely awake. We can pat him, pet his head, hold his hand, pick him up and hug him, rock him or bounce him; once he touches that mattress, he unleashes all his fury. It got so bad last night that I thought my eardrum might bust again, so I got an earplug.

Today he just wanted to be held... constantly... and would unleash some of that fury if I put him down. I guess he got it all out because he actually went down in his crib quite easily (and early!) tonight.

I feel like I should make sure to mention some fun things Simon's been doing, too. He's now able to sit up and sometimes get himself back up when he falls over (if we put the Boppy behind him), he's becoming more mobile by rolling around, he gives Chase head massages and gives me kisses... sort of... when I put his mouth to my cheek. Oh, and Simon loves to touch the Christmas tree! He has about three specific branches he always gently grabs. He also enjoys listening and dancing to Sufjan Stevens' Songs for Christmas.

Here's the tree Simon so enjoys touching:


J-Delicious said...

I hope you all are feeling better! facility makes 80% of the world's acetaminophen here in Raleigh.

Dr. Ninja-Pirate said...

aquaphor is one of the worlds greatest inventions