Monday, December 01, 2008

Cup Attachment

It's true, babies prefer to play with things that are not toys to things that are toys. Case in point, Simon's favorite thing to play with (while it lasted) has been a red solo cup.

See? Look how happy he is! (And check out his sweet space jams!) Si cried like it was the end of the world if he dropped this cup. It lasted almost a week before it got a crack and we took it away. But now that he's a whopping seven months old, it's sippy cup time!

He loves this cup, too, and will also cry if he drops it.

Si has a great time drinking from and chewing on his sippy.

Ah, this is bliss for Si, both his thumb and sippy in his mouth at the same time!

He gets super excited for his sippy and has possibly developed an extreme attachment to it after only a few days of use. Some babies are attached to blankets, some to pacifiers and others to stuffed animals, but ours is attached to a sippy cup.

Yeah, our baby is seven months old! I can hardly believe it. Seems like I just got used to saying he was six months old and he had to go and get older on me. Other than drinking from a sippy, Simon's latest trick is sitting up independently. This sitting doesn't last very long before he falls over, but he's getting better and better!

No teeth have come through yet, but we suspect that will happen very soon. Let's just say sleeping isn't his forte right now...


Shannon Anderson said...

you have one cute baby...

J-Delicious said...

What a great smile on that little feller!

Chelsea Bass said...

The top sippy cup picture looks like a self portrait. That's really awesome that he can do that. He must have learned it from his Aunt Kelsa.