Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Too Early

It's ten-til-four in the morning, Simon and I have been up for an hour and I'm afraid he is up for the day. Why? He decided that 6:30 pm was the best time to go to bed. I thought he was just going to take a little nap since he's been going to bed 8-ish every night. Well, he sure showed me! While it was nice not to have to deal with the bedtime battle that's been becoming more commonplace, and it was great to watch our shows uninterrupted (what's up with Heroes getting lamer by the episode?!), there are major drawbacks to his early bedtime.

First, getting up this early isn't so pleasant. Simon's ready to play, but I'm not. (He's rolling around and chatting on his play mat now.) And there's nothing good on TV, at least not on basic cable. And I'm going to be way tired all day.

Second, I didn't have the chance to put him in Huggies before bed. Name brand diapers are becoming a must overnight. We've been using some Target diapers during the day, and they've been more than sufficient; but they leak overnight, especially since Simon rolls onto his belly in his sleep. Yup, he leaked.

Third, it's very likely that he's going to want to go to bed even earlier tonight...

Well, at least he's being cute and not crying. It could be much much worse. I'll leave you with pictures of Simon after eating some carrots (he's not so much a fan, by the way).

(Simon's wearing a Superbib in these pictures- we highly recommend!)

UPDATE: It's twenty-til-five and Simon's back in bed, so that's where I'm going now, too! Hooray!


Chase Abner said...

I love you. Thanks for taking care of the Sime-Sime.

You're sleeping now and I'm watching him roll around on his play mat and make cute sounds.

The Masons said...

I love the pictures of him covered in carrots!! :) He's SOOOO cute!

Hopefully, you won't be up posting at 4:00am tomorrow morning.