Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Oh, the Excitement

All excitement is not fun...

This weekend we went to the Give Me an Answer conference in Louisville, KY. The main theme was Spiritual Warfare and (Christian) Missions. Great speakers, as usual. The conference part was fun, but students calling and texting Chase all hours of the night was not.

After the conference ended on Saturday, it was up to my parents' for my dad's 50th birthday party.

This is my dad. He's 50 now.

Lily came to celebrate. She belongs to my cousin Sara.

Sunday, it was back to Louisville for my first baby shower at Chase's sister Paige's. Baby R2 has all kinds of baby stuff now.

We played "Hot Potato" with a baby toy (octopus) while Amy Grant's Baby, Baby played in the background. Then we played Laura's game... "Sniff the Diaper." Well, I'm not sure if that's what it's called, but that's what we did! She had melted different kinds of candy bars in diapers; we had to determine what candy bar it was by sniffing the diaper. Yes, it looked like poo.

Paige and her husband David were kind enough to let us spend the night Sunday so that we weren't rushing back to Illinois. We had the opportunity to visit with Caleb, Keli and Baby Nella on Monday morning. Nella was born on Friday, February 8 at 7:39 pm.

This is Nella with her engagement gift from Baby R2. We've arranged their marriage.

This is the engagement photo.

We left the Billingsleys' about noon or so to beat the big ice storm that was heading towards Southern Illinois. Apparently noon wasn't early enough. Worried about the treacherous hills and curves that lead to our home no matter which way we would take, we stayed the night with our awesome friends Kyle & Chelsea, whose home was much easier to get to.

This morning we woke up to a layer of ice, snow and thicker ice. Chase has some pictures up on his blog. I was supposed to have a baby doc appointment, but I got a call early this morning saying the office would be closed. The church office where I work was closed as well. The power went out at the Bass' and the BCM this morning. We went to the grocery to get some food that needed no preparation, just in case we didn't get power back, and headed to the BCM since it was mostly main roads and little to no hills. I had called our landlord who said he wouldn't attempt getting to our place until later in the afternoon.

After napping, gassing up the car and picking up a couple more groceries, we did finally make it home about 24 hours after we expected. As you can tell, there was much excitement this weekend, some fun, some not so fun. We do have power, water, food, cable, Internet, etc.

As busy as we've been, there hasn't been time to have an Abraham Lincoln's birthday party. We'll just have to celebrate by ourselves and so will you. Have a happy Choppy Day!


Madly Hatter said...

Yeah...that was a fun party. Next year is the big 200 for Abe, you know...

J-Delicious said...

Tell your Dad I said happy B-Day to Dirty Darrel!