Monday, February 19, 2007

Abraham Lincoln's Birthday Party 2007

Okay, I know you've been waiting in anticipation for the pictures from the 3rd annual Abraham Lincoln's Birthday Party (Shelley). So here they are:

Emily and me- the Party Planning Committee (or is it the Committee to Plan Parties?)

I don't understand why so many people had so much trouble with being able to tell what this is! It's Abraham Lincoln's hat made out of cupcakes!

The decorating committee even decorated the bathroom. Now that's dedication!

More decorating

Michelle being spun around and almost pinning the beard on Abe. Maybe next time, Michelle!

Kyle, that's Ashley's back, not Abe's face!

The big winners! (left to right)
Aaron- trivia champ 2nd year in a row
Ashley- pinned the beard on Abe, and her t-shirt says so!
James- 3rd year in a row pinning the beard the farthest from Abe's face
Kyle- trivia runner-up, tied for pinning the beard farthest from Abe's face, and he looks the most Lincoln-esque with his own beard!

To see more pictures, click here.


shell said...

yes i have been waiting! :) my goal before i die is to attend a lincolns birthday party! i will, i will!!!

J-Delicious said...

Man, looks like you guys had a heck of a time! But, not as much fun as Michael Jackson is having on that cat's head, in the post below.