Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Goings On

pregnancy week by week

Today officially marks the beginning of the third trimester for Baby R2! He's as active as ever... except when other people are around. When I'm alone or with Chase, he'll punch, kick, squirm and roll like crazy, but when I'm around other people, not so much. Or he will move about, but not at an appropriate time for someone else to be able to feel him. He's even started teasing with Chase. R2 will punch/kick really hard, but as soon as Chase puts his hand on my belly, he stops; when Chase's hand is removes, R2 starts back up. He's starting to explore my ribcage as well...

In other news, there was a crazy storm that came through last night. There was heavy rain, thunder, lightning and hail, but little to no wind. Oh, and flooding. Chase came home to get me and brought me to the BCM. We had to drive up on a sidewalk at one point. No tornadoes here. When I was watching the weather on TV, the weatherman said that there were 12 tornadoes nation-wide at one point. Crazycakes! By the time we went home, some of the flood had subsided. We did end up having to take an alternate route due to flooding.

We're going to have a busy weekend in Kentucky. There's a conference, my dad's 50th birthday party, my first baby shower and hopefully a visit with our friends who should have their baby by then. (An inducement is scheduled for Friday if their baby doesn't make his/her way out by then!) Exciting and busy times.

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Keli said...

happy 3rd trimester! tomorrow is (God-willing) officially the end of my 3rd trimester (& entire pregnancy)! yay!
we will be eagerly awaiting a visit from the abner family, so hopefully that works out!
enjoy the conference!