Tuesday, December 11, 2007

All Things Christmas-related

Christmas trees, Christmas cookies, Christmas presents, Christmas vacation, Christmas church services, Christmas, Christmas and more Christmas!

A couple weeks ago I baked Christmas cookies with Keli, Chelsea and Keli's mom Amy. It was a fantabulous time! Chelsea got creative with her cookies, see?

Can you spot the monsters, duck (sort of) and Christmas taco?

I tried to make one of my gingerbread men all trailer trash wearing a 'beater and tightie-whities. Keli's dad thought it was a baby in a diaper.

What do you think?

No one even attempted to guess what my white elephant gift exchange gift was! I guess I'll tell you anyway. Take a look:

It was my Halloween costume and a framed picture of me wearing said Halloween costume! Josh was the lucky recipient of that gift. Aren't you jealous? And what do you think of my tacky Christmas shirt Chase picked up for me at Goodwill? You should have seen his!


Keli said...

Caleb enjoyed eating the Christmas taco!
I didn't guess because I knew the wonders that it contained! Hilarious!
Also, love the tacky Christmas shirt, I want to see Chases!!

becky... said...

you're lucky you got to bake christmas cookies with my sister and mom. Next year, I'm joinin' in!!!!!!