Monday, October 29, 2007

It was Spooktacular

I've been told that Chelsea & my Halloween Extravaganza was a success. I think it went rather well. Friday we had a Halloween party and it went a little something like this...

6:00 - 6:45 pm People arrived in costume, some bearing food and beverage.

6:45 - 8:00 pm Party goers were divided into teams and sent off on a video scavenger hunt. Here is a list of the suggested tasks:
1. Choose a "secret word" and whenever anyone says it, scream real loud! (Think Pee Wee's Playhouse)
2. Choreograph a short dance (bonus points for location, music and/or singing)
3. Act like zombies in a graveyard
4. Reenact a scene from a "scary" movie
5. Get as many strangers to "hi-5" you or "pound it" as possible
6. Find a statue and have your whole team imitate it
7. Find someone dressed (in costume) similarly to a person on your team- have them pose together or pretend they're long lost twins
8. Get someone not on your team to have some sort of race or contest with you (the more people in the race/contest, the better!)
9. Have someone eat something that looks gross
10. Call someone on your team's mom and sing Happy Halloween to the tune of Happy Birthday (use speakerphone)

8:00 - 8:15 pm Teams returned from the hunt, got some snacks and settled down to watch the videos from the hunt.

8:15 - 8:45 pm We watched the videos of the scavenger hunt. Here are some high points-
-A train was danced on
-A tomb stone was accidentally knocked over during the zombie act (and put back)
-Small children, an old lady in a wheel chair and some drunks gave out hi-5's
-A mime was dressed very similarly to a guy working at Footlocker
-Smokers outside the mall had a one-legged hopping contest
-There was a shopping cart race with an 80's prom queen in one cart and a shopper in the other
-A gross-looking burrito was eaten at Taco Bell
-Several moms got sang to

8:50 pm The winning team of the scavenger hunt was announced; the scores were close!

9:00 pm The costume contest votes were tabulated and winners were announced:
Scariest Costume- James Lord as Michael Meyers

(picture by John Corson)

Funniest/Most Creative Costume- Chase Abner as an Emo

(picture by John Corson)

Personal Favorite- Darin McCoy as Mega Man X (it was actually a tie between myself as a middle-aged teacher and Darin, but since it was 1/2 my party, I shouldn't get the prize.)

(Chase's picture, Mega Man X is in the middle)

Ashely Clark was awarded best Halloween-themed food for her "spiders" (peanut butter sandwiched between Ritz crackers with pretzel stick legs and raisin eyes)

And the rest of the time was spent hanging out!

Here are some other costume highlights:
a cute ladybug
a mime
The Corpse Bride
a wandering samurai
a goth going on a job interview
Martin Luther
Chase's blog stalker

Chase had a great idea for next year: make it a zombie party! Everyone comes as something as a zombie. For example, instead of being a middle-aged teacher, I'd be a middle-aged teacher zombie! I like it!

(Chase has pictures and a link to more on his blog)


Courtney said...

excellent party! the video scavenger hunt was a fabulous idea...i would have loved to see some of those videos!

Keli said...

sound like an awesome time! really wish we could have been there. not sure what my costume would have been. a pregnant zombie, perhaps?

p.s. you know, next halloween we'll be closer to our fulfilling our dream of dressing our children up as KISS!! i still have the KISS face paint set! and we can still use luther if we need to, but he has to be the the cat!!

Nathan said...

wow emo chase is AWESOME! he totally looks the part. that wouldve been really fun to go to a halloween party. no one around here threw one :(