Thursday, October 18, 2007


Today I did battle not with one printer, but two. Both my desk printer and the monster printer in the other room had it in for me. They ganged up on me. Just when they thought they'd gotten the best of me, I did a sneak attack and was victorious! Church bulletins are printing as I type. All will be well for the 10 people who actually read them.

Bonus: Jim Gaffigan is supposed to be on Law & Order: Criminal Intent tonight!


Madly Hatter said...

10 people? I only counted seven...

I, however, would be one of those people. I love me my bulletin.

Courtney said...

Hey newest mommy-to-be!! It was a joy to see your husband last night...wish you would have been there too. I totally understand why you chose not to attend..

Can't wait to see belly pics!!