Monday, October 22, 2007

Baby Stuff

I know you've just been waiting at the edge of your seat hitting the refresh button on the computer to find out if my Belly Bands have come in yet. Well you can relax now, they're here and I'm wearing one today! I have to say that it's working pretty well; it's keeping my (unbuttoned) pants up and is pretty comfortable. They're not really worth what they're priced, but they are worth getting for free via Amazon rewards! Hooray for extending my wardrobe for a while longer! I think my belly grows on Sundays...

Typing of shopping and baby-related whatnots, if we have a son, he will need these jammies from Old Navy, or these.

Our next doc appointment is on Wednesday afternoon. We should be able to hear our baby's (or possibly babies'?) heartbeat for the first time then!

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