Thursday, September 06, 2007

Is There an Old Orleans?

No, Chase and I are not still stuck in the Atlanta airport... we made it back from New Orleans safely with all our luggage Monday night. Here's a bit from our trip:

Just me tweakin' the butcher's 'stache!

Chase is bursting with excitement!

It is mandatory to wear a Jackson t-shirt on Jackson Square if you own one.

Chase is happier now because we're getting some local flavor in both food and environment at Jaques-Imo's.

I think the Jaques-Imo's head chef graduated from Crazy Go Nuts University.

This was before we saw this rat run super fast right past us and into the street straight under the wheel of an SUV. You might be thinking Ewww, gross! but you would be wrong because it was hilarious. At least ten people said Oooohhh! at the same time and then laughed.

I'm doing my best to look emo in the cemetery, that's why this one is in black & white.

And here's a swamp. If you look closely, you won't see any gators. But we did see three in a different section of swamp as well as giant grasshoppers, huge spiders and a family from Holland.

There ya have it, our New Orleans vacation. We've had some excitement since we've been back, too. If you're lucky, I'll post a bit about it. Here is a teaser:

-A blast from the past

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J-Delicious said...

New Orleans was named after Orleans, France, not "Old Orleans" as we had hoped. Boo!