Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Blast from the Past

Okay, I guess I've left you hanging long enough. Something cRaZy happened last week. (You know it's really crazy if the word crazy is typed in both lowercase and capital letters!)

Last Tuesday I was at work on my way back from the bathroom when I saw a young lady sitting in the church office. Hmmm, I thought, That looks a lot like Liz, but it can't really be her since she lives in Kentucky. Liz was my roommate my senior year of college at Morehead State. We were both on the speech team, too.

So, I walked into the office and it was Liz!

Liz is out here getting her PhD in math and had been looking for a church. She asked a couple friends about churches, and one of her friends' friends suggested Lakeland. Liz then looked Lakeland up online where she saw my picture and that I'm the church office manager. She decided that instead of just coming on Sunday, she'd stop by and surprise me in the office.

I think I stared at her in disbelief for about a half hour while we talked.

Told you it was cRaZy.


Keli said...

That is Cu-Riz-Nazy!

Madly Hatter said...

Speaking of crazy and PhDs, I recommend the program at CGNU, Crazy Go Nuts University. It's top notch.