Monday, July 09, 2007

Travelling Junior's Section Graduate

I guess I should update. Chase and I have been super busy lately. Let's see, so far since the end of May, we've been out of the country for two weeks and then back home for almost three weeks (more like two and a half), then we were at a youth camp for a week and then home for almost four days, and then we went to visit family and friends in Kentucky for almost five days and now we're home for three until we go up to St. Louis to stay the night with a friend before flying to Atlanta for an interview* Thursday and Friday and then it's back home again.

Phew! Just typing all of that makes me tired.

We actually got to see all of our brothers and sisters, parents and grandparents this past extended weekend as well as some friends from highschool and college and some cats. While we weren't particularly active during this trip, we didn't really get rested. It's hard to get rest when you're in a house full of people you want to spend time with and visit.

Something fun, my mom took me birthday shopping while I was in town, and I got this super fun top. I just tried it on for fun thinking it wouldn't look right on me, but it looked great and is now one of my favorite tops! (I don't tie the sash around the waist, though; I just tie it in the back and let it hang- it looks much better that way.)

I've recently moved up from shopping in the junior's section and now shop in the women's department. Yup, that stylish top came from the women's department. For the longest time I thought that only moms shopped at the women's department and I wasn't about to step foot in that place until I, too, became a mom. No, I'm not a mom yet, but I've discovered that there are lots of great clothes in the women's department! This discovery happened sometime last summer when I was fed up with not being able to determine my size in the junior's section. See, in the junior's section, you can be three different sizes depending on the clothing brand, and even sometimes within the same brand! It was just getting too frustrating to determine what size to try on, so I just moseyed** on over to the women's section and not only were the clothes just as stylish, it was easier to find less trampy clothes and I could tell what size I needed to try!

I'm finding more and more of my friends are shopping in the women's department, too. I, along with most of my friends, have become a Junior's Section Graduate and a Women's Section Advocate. I challenge you, young ladies, to venture out of the junior's department with the extra low rise waists and shirts cut for the bodies of 12-year-old stick girls, and march into the women's department where a size 14 in one brand is not a size 6 in another! (Just imagine me standing behind a podium shaking and pounding my fists as I proclaim this.) Where you can find stylish yet comfortable pants! Where the shorts are a reasonable length! Join me, sisters, in the women's department and be free!

Okay, that might have been just a little over the top.... but it's true!

*No, we're not moving to Atlanta; that's just where the interview is. We'll be staying right here for now, and this opportunity would really only change the way Chase is compensated- plus, we might have to do a bit of travel.

**Is "moseyed" the past tense of "mosey"?

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