Saturday, June 30, 2007

I'm Not Dead Yet!

Much excitement has happened since the last time I posted. I shall no longer leave you, Shelley, waiting in suspense for pictures of the famed MiniKISS and our first Miners' game...

Big John, one of the mascots. If you look closely, you'll see his pickax is on a baseball bat.

Here I am sporting our Miners cup.

MiniKISS consists of three guy little people and a short lady. They pretended to play their instruments to a track, but they did really sing. The reason we know that they were really singing is the music would fade out but the vocals would not. I think this just added to the awesomeness that was MiniKISS.

Sidestage of MiniKISS

Here I am being totally pumped for MiniKISS!

The Tuesday after seeing MiniKISS, we went to Paducah, KY to see the David Crowder Band. Highlight of that evening was when Crowder played a modified Guitar Hero controller that made guitar sounds.

The David Crowder Band

This past week Chase and I were serving at a youth church camp called Super Summer. Chase did some teaching and I was a coordinator for our group. Like most camps, there were rec games. A couple highlights from the games were...

Blind Kickball- teams played in partners where one person was blindfolded while the other led them around, but only the blindfolded person was allowed to touch the ball. This is our team not getting the other team out:

Ground Assault- pretty much the same as dodgeball. This is the lead singer from the worship band playing nice with the youth:

So there you have it, MiniKISS and more. We've had a lot going on, but we also have a lot coming up. We'll be travelling to see our families for 4th of July. We've also got an interview with the North American Mission Board and we planned a mini vacation to New Orleans. Hopefully it won't be two weeks before I update next!


Keli said...

there's something weird about concerts at baseball parks.
however, caleb and i are seriously considering attending a concert at slugger field this august.
live, counting crows, and collective soul. who wouldn't want to see that lineup!!

shell said...

i can go on now, i have seen the pictures of minikiss.
cant wait to hear how your interveiw this for something exciting!?!?!

Alisha said...

Keli- I think I've been to that concert before... No, wait... I've just heard Caleb & Chase play all the songs from those bands before!

Shelley- I know you've been constantly refreshing my blog in desparate await for the MiniKISS pictures... ;) Basically, the NAMB appointment would be for Chase to continue doing what he's already doing, but we'd get some benefits. That's right, we don't have benefits through our jobs, so this would be a big help... we hope!