Saturday, June 16, 2007

Mini KISS and the Miners, Too

In case you haven't heard, Chase and I are going to see Mini KISS tonight with our friend Chelsea. What is Mini KISS and where are you seeing it? you might ask. Well, Mini KISS is a group of little people who impersonate the band KISS. We have a friend who works for the Southern Illinois Miners (local minor league baseball team), and we're going to see the Miners game tonight and the Mini KISS concert that follows. Yes, I know what you're thinking... you wish you had a friend who works for the miners, too. And don't worry, we're taking our camera!


Keli said...

can't wait to hear about that concert. also, i hope you enjoyed the game.

J-Delicious said...


shell said...

you cant leave us hanging like this!!! pictures! pictures!