Thursday, June 14, 2007

Pirate Cookies and Fillet Mignon

Well, it's been over three years, now, since our wedding. How did we mark this occasion? I'll show you!

Chase got me some Pirates of the Caribbean themed cookies...

...and cooked some awesome steak....

...and we ate said awesome steak! Mmmmm, fillet mignon!

I made Chase a sweet card, too. We had a lovely evening staying home and watching The Office. Does it mean that we're old now because we'd rather stay home, eat and watch TV than go out and do something exciting for our anniversary?


J-Delicious said...

Old. Bacon wrapped filets. Nice.

Keli said...

happy anniversary mr. and mrs. kitchen wizzard.
steak looks mmmmmmcredible.
did those cookies taste good?
my mom got caleb one of those spiderman cookies that you decorate yourself with foodcoloring pens. it didn't taste good. but it was fun.

Alisha said...

J-Delish- I thought so.

Keli- Thanks. I only ate one cookie so far. I thought it tasted pretty good, but the icing is super crunchy! Crunchier than the cookie, actually!