Thursday, July 19, 2007


This week Chase and I have been heading up the "missions" portion of vacation Bible school at our church (VBS). In case you're not hip to the church lingo, in the simplest terms missions is what we call going out to tell the world about Jesus Christ. So we're teaching the children about missionaries around the world who are doing just that. This year the theme is sports-related, so the curriculum focuses on missionaries who use sports to connect with people all over the world and in the U.S.

Tonight we're going to try to do a video chat with our missionary friend in Poland. No, he doesn't really use sports, but we thought it would be fun anyway.

Now this picture is just too cute:

These are preschool girls. During their recreation time, they got stickers if they could make a little basketball in the hoop. But the girl with the long brown hair didn't make it and went off by herself to cry. Then three girls came over to comfort her.

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Keli said...

ah, that is such a sweet and cute picture! love it!
also i'm so glad that Lakeland is teaching the youngsters about the missions. so many churches fail to bring this up soon enough.