Monday, June 11, 2007

Mystery Solved!

I wouldn't say that my job is any more stressful or difficult than most office manager/secratary type jobs, but it's always difficult to go back to work after being gone for two weeks. I mean, I like my job and all, I love the people I work with, I love that I get to serve my church through my work, and I especially love being able to go home every day for lunch! Working in an office, though, is such a major contrast to what we had been doing in Poland on our mission trip for two weeks. I went from having something different to do almost daily in a new environment to doing familiar work behind a desk. I know, too, that short term mission trips are more jam packed than long term. The missionaries in Lubin, Poland don't do what we did every day of every week, but still...

Well, like I said, my job isn't any more paticularly stressful than any other office job, but after coming back from another country for a couple weeks, little things were starting to get to me. For example: I had purchased a download of Photoshop CS2 for my office computer just before leaving. I'd printed off the receipt with the download site and username and password and left it in a spot where I knew I'd be able to easily find it when I got back. I still had some downloading left to do. Of course, when I came back to work I couldn't find the paper I needed. I checked files and folders on the computer, files and folders in my desk, and looked under any loose papers I could find until I gave up. It was the Mystery of the Disappearing Photoshop Code. For some reason (jet lag?) this little thing was stressing me out big time. I gave up...

But today, the lady who was filling in for me was here. I thought, "She probably won't remember what happened or even know what I'm talking about... but I should probably ask her anyway." So I asked Lori if she knew anything about it, and you know what? She did! The Mystery of the Disappearing Photoshop Code is solved!

Okay, so it's not really that exciting, but it was pretty relieving! Hopefully this week I'll be able to work some Photoshop magic, and that's at least exciting for me.

Side note: We're still updating the Poland Blog, so keep checking and keep praying for the church in Lubin.

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