Friday, May 18, 2007

PIZZA? Now THAT'S What I Call a TACO!

Last weekend we trekked back to Kentucky for a graduation celebration. You can read about that on Chase's blog. On the way back to Illinois, we stopped in Louisville to visit our friends Caleb & Keli. Caleb is a fan of tacos and taco-related foods. For dinner, and for my first time ever, we had taco in a bag.

What is taco in a bag? It's pretty simple; you just take all of the stuff you would normally put into a taco shell, but you put it in a bag of Frito's instead resulting in this deliciousness:

There ya have it, taco in a bag. And now here's a picture of Keli & me enjoying some:

We took this past weekend as an opportunity to use our brand new camera and get familiar with it before we go to Poland. Here is a fun picture I took of Keli:

And here's her crazy dog, Luther:

Here's her crazy statue of Don Quixote:

This time next week we'll be taking pictures in Poland!

1 comment:

Keli said...

wow, that dog is criz-nazy! so is that don q. statue! and they fed you tacos in a bag? man, you have some crazy friends!!