Saturday, May 19, 2007

More Fun with Our New Camera

Since the weather was so nice last evening, Chase and I decided to go out and play with our camera some more. We went down to Giant City State Park and then picked up a friend and went to Garfield's for dinner. I've also included some pictures from an international picnic at Lake of Egypt the Thursday night.

Me in some tall grass

The steering wheel of our tiny car (thanks to Grandma & Grandpa!)

Chase next to our tiny car. This reminds me of a senior portrait, you know, when guys are all proud of their cars and get their pictures looking all tough by them.

The smiley face water tower

At Garfield's you can draw on the tables, well, on paper on the tables.

Chase wearing his Polska jersey- he's ready to go to Poland!

Our friend Bethany will be on a mission trip in Tanzania with her husband and a team of students while we're on our Poland trip.

Chase took this picture of our pastor's daughter, Lydia.

Angela warming up by the fire

Chase took this picture of Bekah. She was trying to imitate Lydia rolling down a hill and ended up with a mouth full of grass. Apparently she was spitting it out for quite some time.


Keli said...

cute pics! aren't new cameras fun?

Alisha said...

Yes! New cameras are fun! Ours is so much fun that I went from no blog posts for over a week to two blog posts in less than 24 hours!