Saturday, April 28, 2007

More on Last Weekend and More

I guess it's about time for another post and some pictures (more from last weekend).

Last weekend, in addition to the funny funness that went on at the comedy fest, I went to a youth event that the BCM put on at our church. There weren't a whole lot of youths who came, but I think the Increase 2007 was pretty good nonetheless. Here be some pictures:

Here's the BCM band leading some worship thru music.

Jon Davis was the speaker. He quoted Chase by saying that Christianity isn't all about hi 5's and puppy dogs.

Jon's baby Bekah looking all too cute!

Bekah again. She was watching Chase toss a Frisbee with Neil.

Ah, the thumb war... There were brackets and everything... I don't remember who won.

There was a dizzy bat relay where the kids had to spin around and then come shoot a ball into a basketball hoop. This kid made it on the first try, but his team was still the last to finish. Too bad.

And of course, dodge ball.

So now you should be fully updated on last weekend...

Now for this week...

Part of the youth event was a Guitar Hero competition (yes, I know that's last weekend, but I'm getting to this week). Well, we'd borrowed our friends' PS2 and Guitar Hero game and guitar controllers, and needless to say, Chase and I have been playing all week. There was more than one day this week where we played on our lunch break. It's a pretty fun game. I've moved from the easy setting to medium, and Chase has moved from medium to hard. Yeah, that's pretty much how we've spent our week... playing Guitar Hero.

Today we went to see a friend's senior photography exhibit. We liked it. She restored some old family slides and then took photos of herself standing in the places where the slide pictures had been taken. Some of the other exhibits weren't so cool, though. Each photographer wrote a short explanation of their collection. One apparently thinks that men are oppressing/repressing women because we have to wear clothes to keep the men from having impure thoughts. Aside from having a wiggity wack agenda, her photos were pretty unflattering to these repressed women. Needless to say, we didn't look at that exhibit too long.

After the photography show, we made an impromptu visit to the Irish Festival going on in the park. I wish I would have had my camera because the medieval combat society was there.

Now for some exciting news: we're buying a grill! That's the plan, anyway. Chase has one tentatively picked out and is going to Lowe's tomorrow to pick it up and cook for some friends tomorrow night for our Poland Team meeting. This means I need to stop blogging and start cleaning up!


J-Delicious said...


A "senior photography exhibit"? Is that a bunch of pictures of old people or a bunch of pictures by old people? Remember "Seniors are years ahead"? Did Chaser have that shirt?

The Mad Hatter said...

Nice, indeed. Grillin' is awesome. We got our grill fired up this weekend. A good time was had by all.

Alisha said...

J-delish- Chase still has and wears that shirt. No, there weren't pictures of old people, but they would make a better subject than some of the gross pictures we saw...

Hatter- Yes, grillin' is awesome. I hear you have some sweet tiki torches now to make your grillin' experience even better...