Monday, April 23, 2007

A Mouth Odyssey

SO ill 2007, the first annual improv comedy fest in Southern Illinois (hence SO ill), was a pretty fun time. Some friends of ours are members of a comedy troupe known as Community flosS and also have their own comedy duo known as Date Night with Mike and Eric. Yeah, their names are Mike & Eric. I went with my friends Josh & Emily on Friday night while Chase prepared for a BCM youth bash thing for the next day. I also saw my friend Hema there. I didn't have my camera with me that night, but I brought it Saturday when I went for round 2 with my friend Ashley.

Friday was much like the show Whose Line Is it Anyway? with improv games. Then Mike & Eric performed some "longform" comedy.

You can see Saturday for yourself:

Here's Eric introducing first act. They were from St. Louis and they must have thought that dropping the F-bomb = funny. It doesn't in my book, so no picture for them!

These are two guys from Nashville performing what they called Mouth Odyssey. It's a mixture of poetry, interpretive movement, and hilarity.

Spicy Clamado giving good, bad & worse advice.

Me with Ashley during intermission.

Eric doing some fake telepathy for his & Tamira's 5th grade science project (Community flosS).

Mike & a Community flosS guy whose name I don't know pretending to be surgeons to get chicks. Are they fooling Eric the real surgeon?

There was another act that was pretty funny, but I've already got enough pictures up. Mike & Eric's comedy shows = much fun that is funny!

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