Friday, December 29, 2006


More Disney fun- jumping in front of stuff...

The Epcot ball
Jumpers: Chase, me, Cassie

Cinderella's Castle
Jumpers: Miranda, Chase, me, Cassie

Cinderella's Castle again
Jumpers: Miranda, Chase, me, Cassie

Which is your favorite jump shot? Why? Height? Location? The look on someone's face? As always, just click on a picture to see it full-sized (and to get a better look at our jump faces). Oh, and check out the people watching us from the castle!


shell said...

oh the middle one. you could get a part in a kungfu movie with that look! i loved the pictures, i was snickering outloud, wishing i had flip flops on and was jumping!!

Alisha said...

I'm glad you loved them, Shelley! I thought I was making a better face in the middle one, but the last castle one got more air. But we got the most air in the Epcot one, and Chase is making an awesome face.

Rockets in the Bocket said...

i have never noticed chase's mad hops before. impressive.