Friday, December 01, 2006


You probably would have thought that we would have gotten rid of our pumpkin by the time we put up our Christmas tree. I’m here to tell you that you would have thought wrong. Jack (the pumpkin) is as moldy as ever, but now he has collapsed in on himself. I’m not sure how we (and by we I do mean Chase) are going to move Jack, but eventually he’ll be tossed into the ravine.

I’m actually quite surprised that he’s lasted on our porch as long as he has. A while ago, I was pretty sure someone was going to smash him like some other pumpkins were in the street. There are two possible reasons why he has not been smashed: (1) He is the coolest and was, therefore, left alone or (2) he is moldy and nasty and not easily picked up to smash. Even in his nasty moldy state, I still think he looks pretty cool.

So, Christmas decorations! I put up the tree on Monday while Chase was at band practice. I tried a new way of putting on the lights. Last year, I saw Martha Stewart on some morning show talking about the best way to light a tree. She said instead of wrapping the lights around the tree, you should make zigzags going up and down the tree. This not only makes it easier to put the lights on, but it also makes it super easy to take them off!

Speaking of lights, Chase and I have different preferences on how Christmas lights should be. He prefers white lights that don’t flash, blink or run. Also, he likes for all the ornaments on the tree to match. His mom’s tree is always decorated with red and white ornaments and white lights. But I prefer multicolored lights that flash, blink and run and aren’t necessarily in sync. I also like the tree to be decorated with ornaments that have no rhyme, reason or theme. My mom’s tree has the flashing out of sync lights and all kinds of ornaments. I guess we just prefer what we grew up with. I used to tell Chase that if we have white lights inside, we’ll have colored lights outside or vice versa. So far in our married Christmases we haven’t put lights up outside. Our compromise for the time being is to have a tree with white lights and multicolored ornaments, but most of the ornaments are glass ball-types (that came from my parents’ garage).

The best ornament we have is this one. Why is it the best? It’s a Skyline ornament! Skyline is only the greatest chili ever! Skyline is actually a restaurant that serves Cincinnati-style chili, and I must say that it is the best thing about Cincinnati. Lucky for us, we’ve been able to find Skyline in the can at our local Kroger’s.

Moldy pumpkins and chili, appetizing, no?


Chase Abner said...

White lights are the best. It can be scientifically proven.

All of the ornaments don't have to match. Mom always uses a variety. She does use a lot of red bows and clear icecicles though. Maybe that's why you think it's mostly red and white. Plus it's a real tree... which is awesome.

Alisha said...

Multicolored lights are more festive. Multicolored lights that flash, blink and run are most festive. They are the best... Jesus told me so!

Keli said...

actually, the very best lights are the ones that you can put on your MacBook dashboard...

they can be white or colored, and flashy, blinky, runny, or still-y! pretty much whatever you want.

give them a try for a happy mac-y christmas!

Anonymous said...

man, all i can think about is that skyline ornament. darn indiana, NO SKYLINE here either!!!!!!!!!!

J-Delicious said...

White lights keeps it fresh. I'm with Chase, but then again, my opinion is a tad bit biased. Alisha, you have to get Cheeser one of those candles that smell like evergreen trees to burn. He won't know the tree isn't real then. "It looks like plastic, but it smells real."