Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Nothing to do with My Pumpkin

Last night I made Christmas cookies with my friend Keli and her mom. Well, they were supposed to be Christmas cookies. Somehow they didn’t turn out quite right. They taste pretty delicious, but didn’t quite look Christmas-e. (Except the chocolate chip cookies because they’re just regular shaped chocolate chip cookies. They also taste delicious.)

We made mostly sugar cookies, and they plumped up a bit, er, a lot too much. The gingerbread men looked morbidly obese. The angels looked like pancakes. The hearts and stars were blobs. We made one tree with a star cut out of the middle, but it just looked like the tree had a belly button. Our snowmen just looked like an oddly shaped cookies, and our candy canes looked sort of like turds. It was pretty hilarious.

My favorite cookie, though, was the hand-shaped cookie. Keli traced my hand on the dough with a spreader and we added red M&Ms for fingernails, green M&Ms for a bracelet and used green sprinkles for a ring. This was not only the strangest cookie we made, but it was also the most dangerous cookie we made. You see, Keli was trying to make the thumbnail look realistic, so she cut the M&M in half (because when you have your hand flat and look at it from the top, you don’t see the whole thumbnail, you know). When she did this, she also cut her finger.

Maybe later I can put up some pictures of whatever disastrous cookies we haven’t yet eaten.

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Keli said...

the wound is healing nicely. and the hand cookie was the highlight of the night...so it was worth it.

i'm still vexed about the cookie mishap. what could have gone wrong? any baking experts out there know why our sugar cookies ran amuck? please do tell...