Monday, May 01, 2006

We're Moving!

Well, Chase goes today to fill out an application for our second home together. As long as everything goes according to our plans, we'll be moving into our friends Adam & Amber's old trailer very soon.

But, Alisha, you do live in Southern Illinois, aren't you concerned about tornadoes?!

No, no I'm not. While some may think it is more dangerous to live in a trailer in the case of a tornado, I don't think that will be an issue. For one thing, there is nothing proving that tornadoes are particularly attracted to trailer parks or that tornadoes find trailers more delicious than, say, a house or an apartment. Besides, if an F5 tornado comes along, chances are it'll destroy any house or apartment complex just as easily as it would a trailer. Also, I haven't seen any tornadoes since I've been here.

Well, aren't you worried about living in a trailer park? Isn't it easier for people to break into a trailer than it is a house?

Chances are, if someone really wants to break in, they're going to do it regardless of whether it's a trailer, apartment or house. All three have windows which can be busted with a rock, brick, armidillo or whatnot. If one was to break in, I would bet he (or she) would have a total disregard for whether or not he (or she) was to break windows. In fact, the apartment we live in now has quite large windows, one of which is a sliding door, that would probably be easier to break into than the trailer. Besides, we have several friends who live and/or have lived in this and the surrounding parks for two or more years; they haven't had any problems with crime.

But it's a trailer! Aren't you concerned that people might think of you as "trailer trash?"

Actually, I was hoping to use this as an opportunity to remain barefoot and pregnant for the rest of our stay in Southern Illinois... (Just kidding! While I may take the opportunity to walk around barefoot, I'd like to clarify that I am not yet pregnant and we have no immediate plans for that.) Yes, it is a trailer, but this and other trailers I've been in are nicer than the house Chase and I looked at a couple weeks ago. AND it is less expensive. AND we'll have our own washer & dryer. AND two bedrooms. AND two bathrooms. AND a deck. AND no upstairs neighbors stomping around, yelling at eachother keeping me from sleep. I am no more concerned about others thinking of me as trailer trash than I am of people thinking me crazy religious nut for going to Poland to tell people about Jesus.

Yeah, we'll be moving into a trailer very soon. If you'd like to help us move, let me know. We'd appreciate it very much... and we'll probably feed you. Chase is a kitchen wizzard....

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shells said...

yippiiee! new house, always fun. we are on #4 in 4.5 years of marriage. :) I wouldnt advise it.....