Monday, April 03, 2006

A Wedding, Some Peeps, & Shelley is Way Cool

This weekend Chase and I made the trek down to Kentucky. Andrea & Tye got hitched in Cincinnati. I've got a couple pics I'll post later. At the wedding, I saw some guys from Beechwood class of 2000, a couple guys I used to go to church with, and Shelley (the hottie) and her former roomie Julia. Ok, I'll post one picture from the wedding...

Sometimes I think it would be weird to see and/or talk to people I knew from high school, but it wasn't really weird to see these guys. But then again, I didn't really talk to them. Had we had conversations that lasted more than three sentences, it may have turned weird.

Talking with Shelley (the hottie*), though brief, was pretty sweet. For anyone who doesn't know, Shelley was one of the Young Life leaders at Beechwood when I was there, and she's a hottie*. She pretty much discipled me when I first followed Christ. She was, and still is, one of the coolest people I've ever met. I learned a lot of things about God and following Christ through her. My old NIV Study Bible is filled with highlighter marks from our Bible studies. (I think that whenever I saw something highlighted in her Bible, it must have been very important, so I highlighted it in mine as well.) Now, Shelley's a wife, a mom, and getting ready to adopt a bajillion kids... Okay, one here soon, and then probably some more. But I'd bet she'd adopt a bajillion if she could!

Chase and I want to buy some kids... er... adopt some day. Shelley's got some cool stuff about going through adopting a child from Ethiopia on her blog. I totally recommend reading it if you get a chance. If you're not into the whole reading thing, she at least has some way cute pictures of her kids on there. And if you're not into the whole reading thing, you wouldn't have gotten this far in reading my blog, so you can't use that as an excuse! Go read Shelley's blog NOW!

*I'm not quite sure how the whole "Shelley is a hottie" thing got started. I'm not the one who started it, but maybe I did send out a chain letter about it six or so years ago...

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