Thursday, April 06, 2006

Let's Cause... a... Scene!

Wow. Chase and I went to go see The Format last night with John Robert in this tiny venue known as Hi-Pointe in St. Louis. I have to say it was an amazing show... definitely their best perfromance out of the three times I've seen them. Slight hearing loss, being bumped into repeatedly by these two drunk girls, and smelling like I rolled around in an ash tray was worth this show. I found a chair to stand on and took this sweet picture:

(You can click on it and see it a bit larger.)

Yeah, standing on the chair gave me a nice view over the tall guys who came and stood right in front of me and over the guy that was my size who came and stole my "window." I've come to the realization (albeit, not a new realization) that, in general, concert-goers aren't what you might call considerate. It's all about getting the best view you can get and shoving people out of your way to get maybe two inches closer to the stage no matter how much smaller they are than you (or in the case of the earlier mentioned girls, how much bigger).

How much this parallels to our human nature, and American society in general! We focus so much on ourselves and how well we can see the show that we fail to notice the five-foot-nothin' getting trampled in the pit. I know I'm just as guilty as anyone focusing on what I don't have or all the stuff I'm supposed to do that I miss opportunities to share and minister to others. Or I convince myself that other people look busy or just don't want to be bothered, so I don't even attempt to share Christ with them. I know I'm going to have get over this espcecially before going to Poland, where Chase and I along with Caleb & Keli will be sharing Christ for a couple weeks this summer (God-willing).

As The Format's song The First Single (Cause a Scene) says, "I've gotta get myself over me."

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