Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Update- Cars, Concert, & Walk Thru NT

Just to let you know, the Crown Victoria was only out of gas (hooray!), but now it smells like gas because after Caleb & Chase put the gas can in the trunk, the lid to said can was not screwed on completely. The smell is either slowly lessening or I am slowly getting used to it.

The Taurus now has a new starter AND new front brakes. Apparently the breaks were ready to go out at any moment. So, when we thought the starter going out was a craptacular thing to happen, it was actually a blessing from God that I didn't drive the car to work and have the brakes go out on me and possibly get in some horrible car wreck. (But had I been in a horrible car wreck, all the glory would still be to God. As Paul says in Philippians, for to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.) We'll be picking up the ol' Taurus tomorrow. Paying for a new starter and breaks, while expensive, is a lot cheaper than a new car and hospital bill.

Moving on from the vehicle update, last night we worked a pretty sweet concert. Jason Morant, Nate Sallie, Big Daddy Weave and Todd Agnew. I was pretty disappointed, as were many others, that Jason & his keyboard playing friend Matt only did like three and a half songs. Quite a few people were there just to see them! I worked Jason's merch table to be rewarded by him throwing stuff at me (plastic wrapping and a pen to be more specific). Apparently he gets these urges to throw things at people volunteering for him, at least that's what he said.

Nate Sallie was much better live playing the piano than the album that I'd heard, which was labelled as "pop punk," or as I like to call, "faux punk." The album was pretty much teen-e-bopper music. It seems that he's trying to distance himself from that and has a bit more of a grown-up soulful sound. I enjoyed his performance, not that I'd say it was spectacular or anything, and I really would have preferred more J-Mo instead, but it wasn't anywhere near as bad as I was expecting.

The best part of Big Daddy Weave was the impression the lead singer did of Todd Agnew. They were pretty cool, I guess. Let's just say I'd much rather listen to them than 4Him or Point of Grace. Sorry if you're a 4Him or Point of Grace fan...

I was out in the lobby at Jason's table hanging out while Todd Agnew was on, so I didn't get the full Todd Agnew experience. From what I heard (both sitting there and from people who saw), it was pretty sweet. I guess you've got to be a fan of the distinct voice he has, too. I wouldn't say I'm a fan, but I wouldn't say I dislike it either. He seems like a cool guy. He talked about Jesus a lot.

So, after all the ticket holders left, we did some inventory and the set was torn down. Chase and I got home after midnight and were pretty exhausted. This morning we went to church. We studied some Romans 13 in Sunday school and started a walk thru the New Testament seminar during the service. It was pretty cheesey, but the silly hand gestures and corny jokes do help you (or at least me) to remember the major events of the New Testament. The people who stayed for the whole seminar were middle-aged, old, and then Chase & me. Even though I was way tired, I retained a lot of it and enjoyed myself learning.

We took naps when we got home and ended up not getting to do laundry (for the second day in a row that we intended to), so hopefully we'll get that done tomorrow. I did get some dishes done, though, while Chase was having a BCM leadership team meeting.

Now, as I bring this blog entry to an end (finally), I'm gonna go spend some quality time with my hubby.

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