Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Since Chase is on a trip with the BCM (Baptist Collegiate Ministry) down in New Orleans doing relief work for the week (it’s spring break), and I didn’t go since I’ll be taking all my days off work this summer when we go to Poland, I went to visit my parents and sister in Ft. Mitchell, KY (just south of Cincinnati, OH). While I was there I judged an Odyssey of the Mind Regional Tournament, went to Andrea’s bridal shower, visited my Grandma Tate.... AND got bombarded with family drama!

It all came to light just after I had been thinking about how grateful I was that my family lacked the plethora of drama that I hear goes on in other families. The drama goes as follows:

● I have a cousin in jail. She had warrants for her arrest in not one, not two, but three counties.

● I have a cousin in the hospital with a fluid-filled collapsed lung, and he also has a “mass” in his chest. (He’d already survived cancer once, and he’s only 20.)

● There’s drama going on with my uncle’s divorce.

● My grandma had been on blood thinners, bled out one night losing something like 2/3 of her blood (I could have the amount wrong, but whatever it was, it was a lot), she was taken to the hospital where she received a blood transfusion, and she recovered in something like 3 days. She baffles the medical community. Oh, and she also has lung cancer and a pacemaker, (but I already knew that last part).

There’s a little more (mostly details of drama listed above), but there’s no reason to really go into that. Now, all of this drama is in my extended family (from both my parents’ sides), so I can be thankful that my immediate family is pretty drama-free... at least for now. As far as I know, Chase’s family doesn’t have too much drama going on, but now that I said that, there probably will be...

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