Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Arrrrrrr! Cookie Cookie Cookie!

Last night was quite the Christmas cookie baking party. We made sugar cookies, peanut butter cookies rolled in red and/or green sprinkles with a kiss on top, peanut butter cookies with the Reese’s cups in the middle, peanut butter chip chocolate cookies, mint chunk cookies, Christmas tree and camel cookies made with a cookie press, and much more! Then, we decorated with chocolate chips, M&Ms, sprinkles, and icing that Keli & I made. Towards the end, we were getting pretty tired and pretty silly, so maybe some of the decorated cookies are crazy-lookin’, but it was much fun! So, today my coworkers have been chowin’ down on Christmas-e deliciousness.

Also today, my brother-in-law graduated from the Kentucky State Police Academy (congrats Joel!). I’m here at work, but Chase and our friend Caleb braved the 4-½ hour or so trip to Frankfort. I called Chase a little bit ago to find out if they did any tricks at graduation, but alas, they did not. I thought maybe there would be some kind of demonstration or something. I thought wrong.

As I was in the middle of typing, we had a small fiasco here at the station. Ken (the station manager/owner/everything guy) had gone to the bank, and unbeknownst to us, he had gotten a flat tire, which was why he didn’t come back for a wile. Meanwhile back at the ranch, Amy was playing a special on CD (and by “special” I mean the Steven Curtis Chapman Christmas album). Said CD player went nutzo. It wouldn’t display the track it was playing or the countdown, but it kept going. Since we didn’t know how much longer the CD player was going to work, we took that opportunity to reboot our on-air computer and the production room computer since we had been having glitches with them. We had a couple small issues after the reboot, but all was well again after Ken got back.

Yeah, I know that story wasn’t what one might call “interesting,” so I’ll make one up and we can all pretend that this is what really happened…

Ken (the station manager/owner/acrobat/everything guy) had gone on a mission to save some babies from being thrown off the tower in the town square, and unbeknownst to us, a pirate had slashed his tires as he was driving there, causing him to take longer than usual since he now had to not only save the babies, but also battle this pirate. Meanwhile back at the ranch, Amy was playing a special on CD (and by “special” I mean [insert the coolest band ever] was coming to the studio to do a live concert and give out free copies of their CDs). Said CD player went nutzo. It turned out that the CD player was actually an evil robot set on killing all humans! Amy had never dealt with any robots, and [the coolest band ever] was busy rocking out, so it was up to me to save not only the radio station and all who were rocking out inside of it, but also the entire world (with exception of those babies that my boss was already saving). At first I tried wrestling with the robot, but it was stronger than I. Then I tried stabbing it, but since it had no vital organs, this was of little use. In the shuffle of this skirmish, I had built up a small amount of static electricity and shocked myself on a doorknob. A brilliant idea entered my mind… but would it work? I shuffled all around the radio station dragging my feet on the carpeted floor. I then led the robot away from all of the electrical devices and planted my feet and held out one finger. When the killer robot CD player came near me a bolt of electricity jolted from my finger and jumped to the robot frying it beyond repair. I had done it! Ken got back after saving the babies, battling the pirate and fixing his tire. The pirate was with him as a captive, and as a reward for saving the radio station and pretty much the entire world, that pirate became my assistant. And actually, he is the one typing this as I dictate it to him while hanging out with [the coolest band ever] and eating Christmas cookies.

Yes, that story is definitely more interesting. Personally, I would insert The Smashing Pumpkins in the coolest band ever slot, having them get back together. You may think that there is a cooler band (I assure you that there is not), so I’ll let you insert that band for the story to be more interesting to you.


shells said...

You are hilarious!
coolest band ever-I vote David Crowder!
Bummed, we wont be getting to Cincy till Tuesday, With Keith working at a church, we are here for Christmas day!!

Alisha said...

Yes, David Crowder Band is pretty cool. And actually, I almost typed that instead of the whole "insert" thing, but I had changed my mind.

I keep telling my boss we need to bring them in for a concert. He wants to. Hopefully it'll happen while I'm still working here

Rachel said...

What is with you and pirates? I loved the made up story very much more! I give it to "argh's" up!