Wednesday, December 28, 2005


For having been gone a while from work on a Christmas break, today has been pretty slow. Yeah, I had some stuff to do to catch up, but it wasn’t all that much. I mostly sat here. I thought there would be a lot more to do.

So, what exactly did I do for Christmas? Well, Friday the 23rd Chase and I headed back to Kentucky (Ft. Mitchell to be more exact). That evening we went to a Northern Kentucky Young Life fundraiser where the one and only Andrea Summer gave a stellar performance with the singing and piano playing. Afterwards, she came over to my parents’ house and hung out for a while.

Christmas Eve we had a dinner with family (mostly my mom’s side) at my parents’ house. Apparently one of my aunts had been drinking wine all day long and had little to no inhibitions about what appropriate words or volume level came out of her mouth. When my cousin and his wife brought their small children over, their 1-½ year-old son was dressed in an adorable Santa suit. My aunt would grab at him and sort of sing but sort of holler “Santa Claus is coming TONIGHT!” every time he walked near her.

Christmas morning we opened presents after Miranda came home from working the third shift at the animal emergency clinic. My parents got me a sewing machine, so hopefully I’ll be able to start designing and making some of my own clothes! After going to church with my dad, Chase and I headed down to Lost Creek. We had a delicious Christmas dinner and hung out with more family before going to his parents’ to open more presents. I think if we had waited any longer, the suspense would have destroyed Paige. She repeatedly said, “Alisha is just dying to open presents!” to have an excuse to go open them (even though she had already opened her own earlier). I got some cute clothes that fit (yay!) and in all, Chase and I received three copies of Arrested Development season 2.

Unfortunately, I got very ill during the night. There were 10 people sleeping in the same house sharing 2 bathrooms. Luckily, I was the only one getting sick in the sense of digested/partially digested food coming out fast, which is the least graphic way I can think of to say it. (If you’d like details, I’ll give ‘em to ya; I’m not embarrassed. Just leave a comment saying so. I’ll go into as much detail as you’d like.) Others were sick in the coughing/sinus issues sort of way.

So, Monday I was feeling pretty tired and sore and generally icky from the overnight sickliness. I sort of slept and dozed a lot that day. That evening I felt a lot better and even got to play a bit of Mad Gab (a gift from the night before).

Yesterday I pretty much felt all better and we came back to Carbondale. We made pretty good time, too.

Now here I sit, just about ready to leave for the day with little to do but blog. I have a few things to do, but if I did them now, I’d have even less to do tomorrow.

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Rachel said...

So the reason you got sick...maybe your aunt wasn't the only one throwing back the bottle! Just kidding! So are you gonna watch each of your season 2 Arrested Developments? Have you or Chase seen The Office? is pretty hilarious and highly recommended. P.S. Come visit!!