Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Pumpkin King

Chase & I went to Nashville last weekend. It was pretty cool. We saw Nicklecreek and The Ditty Bops. I enjoyed the concert. It was at the War Memorial, and was a super nice place. We were right up at the stage... seriously... we rested our arms on the stage itself. The Nicklecreek peeps almost stepped on my fingers. They could have kicked me in the face with very little effort if they would have chosen to do so.

So here are a few Nashville pics:

Keli & I carved pumpkins tonite. She carved the Apple logo. I was going to carve Abraham Lincoln, but I didn't have a small enough knife. So I carved this instead:


J-Delicious said...

You bunch of Nashvillebillies! Your punkin' is O-to-the-N, ON! Do you think you could come down to Lexy and hook me and Beth up with a phat-arse punkin'?

shells said...

you crack me up!
hunter saw the picture of your pumpkin and said "oh scary". we just carved some the other day and all he wanted was happy pumpkins!!

Alisha said...

Hey! My pumpkin is happy... he's smiling... he just has pointy teeth... and creepy eyes...