Sunday, October 23, 2005

An Adventure

The in-laws were up for a visit this weekend. We had a nice time, but that's not the adventure...

The adventure started as Lindsey, Keli, Mel B, and I were headed for Kristi's bridal shower in McLeansboro. None of us knew how to get there, but we had two sets of directions: one specific that Lindsey had gotten off the internet with road numbers and such, and one that said things like "turn right at the Dairy Queen" that Mel B had gotten from Heather. Before heading out, we figured we'd stop at Burger King to get some lunch.

Keli was first in line, ordered, and then was waiting near the fountain drinks when this sorta creepy lookin' guy started talking to her. I had just finished ordering when I looked over at her. This guy was standing very very very very close to her. I mistakenly thought that she knew him (maybe some weird cousin or old friend or something). Nope. First thing he said to her was "So, how old are you?" (my favorite pick-up line) and then he said "And the girl in the pink, and the one in the blue?" (I was wearing pink and Lindsey was wearing blue... he was just going right down the line... Mel B was in the restroom.) Keli just replied, "We're all married." And Creepy Dude said, "All of you?" He still wanted to know how old we were, and at this point I joined the conversation and Creepy Dude backed away from Keli, and after another couple minutes he made his way back to his friends and they left.

When we walked outside Burger King, there was this young guy bent over holding his chest. We thought that there was something wrong with him, and Lindsey asked him if he was okay. He mumbled something to the effect that he was. I said if any of us could help him, Lindsey could since she's practically a doctor (she's not really... she works as an occupational therapist type person... but I thought that was close enough). Turns out the guy had heartburn or something from eating fast food.

So we were off to McLeansboro... with directions that said two different things. We followed the internet directions since they were more specific (and it turns out something on the other directions was off anyway). At one point Mel B called Heather to ask how far away we were (we were at Mt. Vernon at that time) and Heather had been wigging out because the cake wasn't ready or something and she was all confused because we were going a different way than she had said. So then we thought we were going the wrong way until we saw a sign that pointed to McLeansboro. All was okay again.... We saw a few Amish horses & buggies... and then...

Keli and I were just talking about an episode of The Untold Stories of the E.R. on TLC. These girls were in a car that had been run off the road and crashed into a fence. A hollow metal pole had gone through the windshield, through the chest of the driver, through the seat, and through the leg of the rear passenger. We were saying that we never wanted to be driving behind a truck carrying poles. Just as we had finished saying that, the truck in front of us lost a piece of its cargo (Pink Panther insulation). Luckily, Lindsey acted fast, swerving to just miss the bundle and then passed the truck. It was crazy!

Then we finally arrived in McLeansboro. We had to circle the town square made of one way roads twice (maybe three times?) before we we got to where we needed to be. And here is a picture proving that we got there safe and sound:

Kristi, Heather, Lindsey, Me, Tarah, Keli & Mel B

The trip back to Carbondale was about 15 minutes or so faster and not all that eventful.

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angelic said...

Hi, I am heathers aunt. Saw her photo read your post, glad you had a eventful less trip to boring Mcleansboro.