Thursday, September 01, 2005

Does Anyone Else See the Problem Here?

I was watching the Today Show this morning as I do most mornings, and they were covering the hurricane story, of course. They were showing footage of demolished neighborhoods and talking about how there’s not electricity or water and the usual natural disaster effects. Then there was a segment of people who had family that decided not to leave. One lady said that her sister had said that she lived through hurricane Camille, so she’d get through this one, too (yeah, so if I’ve gotten shot in the chest before and someone says they’re going to shoot me in the chest again, I should be able to survive that just fine, too… but that’s not the issue at hand). So, these sons, daughters, brothers and sisters of the hurricane victims are going on TV saying that they haven’t heard from their parents and/or siblings since before the hurricane. These people are going on TV asking their parents and/or siblings to call and let them know that they are okay.

Does anyone else see the problem here? This same show, just one segment earlier, had just said that there was no electricity in that area. How would these people get the message over the television?

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