Sunday, September 04, 2005

Cake, Putt-Putt, and a Hero

Friday Chase had what just might be the coolest birthday cake ever. It looked like this:

Yesterday we were pretty lazy. We enjoyed a meal at Houlihan's because Chase had a free birthday meal. We both ordered our food medium, but it torned out well-done (not as in done well, but as in how it was cooked). We then played some putt-putt at a craptacular course. It was sorta fun. I did get one hole-in-one!

We just got back from the Duquoin State Fair where a friend of a friend got to be a hero. A lady had lost her adopted Chinese 6-year-old daughter, and our friend's friend found her. That lady went from terrified to super joyous. It was crazy. Only one fair worker would help this lady. The cops there wouldn't even help. It was pitiful. It really made me wonder just how many children get snatched from these things.

Well, the child was safe and we could again enjoy our fair-going experience. I had some mediocre $5 lemonade and a delicious cinnamon roll and then some funnel cake before heading home.

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J-Delicious said...

I was snatched from a carnival like the one you speak of. Then I was forced to live with some rednecks at some place called Lost Creek.