Friday, August 26, 2005


$15!! I won $15! Actually, it was $15 towards a purchase at the store Buckle at University Mall. I used this money to buy some fun green pants (that were still a little more than I would usually pay for pants, but I was using money that I won and the effeminate guy working there did say they looked "very cute" on me as I was buying them). The thing I like about that store is that they size their girls' pants the same way guys' pants are sized: by waist and length measurements. It would have helped me to have known my measurements before trying on a bunch instead of just guessing. The thing I don't like about that store is the prices. Freakin' $90 for a pair of jeans that have holes in them! (Note: the pants I bought were way less than that.) The other thing I don't like that store is the fact that the employees pracitcally accost their customers to get them to buy something! (Okay, so that's two things I don't like.) But I do know why they do this since I'd applied to work there last year (and this is why I didn't take the job when it was offered), they only get $4/hour! That's $4/hour + commission.

So back to the $15... Yeah, at Welcome Fest last weekend (this thing at the SIU arena where different organizations & businesses set up tables and give away stuff in hopes that students would join/do buisness with their establishments) I was helping at the BCM table and we were running low on pens. So, Keli and I walked around gathering free pens from other organizations. We came to the University Mall's table and signed up to win stuff. And I won $15! Hooray!

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