Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Come on Down!

This morning as I was driving through Marion to get to work, a fifteen-passenger van swerved and came into my lane a bit coming pretty close to hitting me. Who was driving this van? None other than Bob Barker of The Price is Right. Well… at least some guy who looked like Bob Barker.

Good news: my friends Andrea & Tye are engaged as of this morning! Hooray! I talked to Tye online this morning and he gave me the skinny. They’re visiting Andrea’s sister, brother in-law and nephew in Boston, and he woke her up at like 5:30 AM telling her he couldn’t sleep. He took her down to this old colonial fort on this harbor and watched the sun rise with waves crashing on rocks all around them and stuff. Then he told her they should go back up, and when Andrea turned around, Tye was down on his knee and “asked away!”

More good news: Mathieu (our guest from France) found a place to live! It’s a furnished place, so that’s great for him. He’s just got to get some sheets for the bed and things like that, and he’ll be all set. It’s pretty close to where his classes are, so that’s a big plus for him.

Last night we had The Increase kickoff party at the BCM. It was great. We had some grilled hotdogs and hamburgers, volleyball, and great fellowship. I met some fun new people. One was a girl from France named Amilie. She is so nice and has a fun accent. Mathieu has class with her and brought her to the event. I’m pretty excited about hanging out with the new people I’ve met.

I’m going to have to set my VCR to tape the show Stella on Tuesdays on Comedy Central. That show is too funny to miss. I caught most of the later airing of it when I got home last night. Funny funny stuff.

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