Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sick Day: Another Angry Ear

All of these things happened before noon today:

Woke up unable to hear out of my right ear. Also, it was bleeding.

The husband took a sick day for me since I need to see a doc.

The husband went to an early morning meeting with some guys from our church since prompt care doesn't open 'til 8:00 anyway.

Saw a doc who told me my eardrum was red & bulging. He sent a prescription to my pharmacy.

Met a lady & her two middle schoolers in the cold cold cold parking lot looking for a way to get some breakfast. Told her I'd get them some when I came out.

Got my Z-pack.

Gave the lady some cash. Seriously, if they were out in that cold of weather, they needed it. Nice Lady & nice kids.

Came home. The husband took the 3 year-old out to run some errands.

The muffler all but fell off the car while they were out.

The garage told the husband they couldn't get to it 'til this afternoon.

I bundled up & loaded up the other two in the van to go pick up the husband & 3yo.

Forgot the van key inside after corralling the kids outside.

Attempted to chisel the windshield wipers out of the ice.

Almost drove off leaving the diaper bag in our front yard.

Got to the garage where the husband told me the 3yo had pulled the fire alarm.

Oh, and the garage guys said the car was almost ready right when I got there. (Seriously!)

Watched the fire truck pull into the parking lot.

The 3yo & 1.5yo fell asleep on the way home (messed with naps).

The husband prepared the kids' lunch.

OK, lunch was after noon, but all the other stuff was before noon. It was quite the busy sick day. I mean, I usually feel like I've accomplished something if I can get myself & the kids dressed by lunch and maybe get one chore started!

And my ear started feeling a little better. The only good thing about having this ringing in my ear & (hopefully) temporary hearing loss is that the kids' whining/bickering/general loudness is muffled. I can almost pretend it's coming from somewhere else!

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