Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Jonas Songs

Here some songs that 3-year-old Jonas has made up; a couple a while a go and a few more recently, but he sings them all (and the main lyrics are the titles):

Beetles & Bees

God is King

Punch My Bread

Punch My Pets

Clap Your Pizza

And that's Jonas for ya.  I felt the need to post something amusing after cleaning up 4-year-old Simon's middle-of-the-night-top-bunk puke and waking up this morning to Jonas freaking out because he had some "ballerina" in the potty and a drip got on the stool.  It's been a sort of groggy, sort of slap-happy morning complete with an all-out toddler tantrum from Charlotte (who was angry that I put away the iPod touch she had quit playing with).  But thankfully, thankfully there has been no more puke and no more poop... yet.

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