Monday, June 04, 2012

Big Truck Night

I know I've been neglecting this blog.  I intend to do a Charlotte's 1st birthday post, but I'm waiting to get some pictures back from our photographer.  Yes, I hired a photographer for her party.  We did a "photobooth" where there was a backdrop, lots of fun dress-up props and pictures.  She loved it.  But I digress, that is for another post.  This one is about Big Truck Night.

I enlisted two kid-free friends to come to Big Truck Night at the mall parking lot on Saturday.  My kids had a blast.  Last year we got there too late to get the free t-shirts, so I was determined to get there at the beginning this year.  We barely got the shirts.  The lady giving out shirts brought one for Charlotte and told me they were out of all the other little sizes.  I asked about size 3 or 4 and she said they were gone.  I was a little sad because we had waited in line.  But then she returned with two size 4/6 shirts that fit both boys!  And there was much rejoicing.  On top of that, we were there in time to get free pizza, too!  (We missed out on that last year as well.)

Me with my kiddos 

But while I was glad to get the free stuff (and not have to worry about dinner for myself or the kids), I will say that the truck variety was pretty lame in comparison to last year.  I mean, last year there was a fire truck, ambulance and a big monster truck in addition to all the trucks (or types of trucks) that were there this year.  Simon had been going on and on about wanting to see a monster truck, and thankfully for me, this mudder was a monster truck in his eyes:

Simon & the "Monster Truck" (Mudder)

Still, it was fun.  I got to hang out with a couple friends and each of my kids had their own wrangler!  I took some great pictures and the kids got worn out.  The low-light of the evening was probably when Simon cried because we did not win a door prize.  But even that was kind of cute.

Oh, and I got to do a side-by-side pic of the boys on a cement mixer last year and this year:

I couldn't decide whether to use the pic of just the boys this year or all three kids.  I chose the boys for the side-by-side.  But I'll still show you all three:

And that was Big Truck Night. 

I have an over-abundance of cute pictures of my adorable kids, so I'm trying to be a little more choosy about my posting.  I dump a lot of them on Facebook (I mean, I can do that straight from iPhoto, so why not?) but tell more of the story here.  Maybe some day I'll have more than my kids to post on, but I'm not hearing any complaints for now.

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