Thursday, September 08, 2011

This Just Happened

"Is this poop, Mommy?" That's what 3-year-old Simon asked me as he held something small, brown and rock-like. Baby Charlotte had just fallen asleep, so I told him to bring it to me because (a)they have some rock-ish-looking toys and (b) if it was poop, he was already touching it anyway. He brought it over and sure enough, it was poop.

Oh, but there was more! Sime told me there was a bigger one. Of course there was! And it was on the floor in their room surrounded by (but not touching) their toys. (Phew!) Then he showed me one more tiny one in the living room.

You see, yesterday, 2-year-old Jonas just up and decided he was going to pee pee on the potty. It was his idea, so I let him. Since he was doing such a great job and actually peeing on the potty and not the floor, I let him be naked from the waist down as long as we're home and have no visitors. He's very determined to pee on the potty and gets super excited about it exclaiming "I pee peeeeeeed!" or "I did it!" every time he pees on the potty. Plus, it inspires Simon who now decided that he also will pee on the potty. But notice how I keep saying pee and not poop... yeah...

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