Saturday, September 17, 2011

Make a Cute Mobile for $5 or So

Doesn't this super cute thing need some super cute things to look at? I think she does.

So I made this for her:

What I used:
small wreath (less than $2 from Hobby Lobby)
hemp rope (about $2 from Hobby Lobby)
painted wooden accents (67 cents each from Hobby Lobby)
scrapbook paper (from my stash)
hot glue gun
tacky glue
small paintbrush

Trace each wooden piece on some pretty paper
(plug in the glue gun to heat up)
Cut the tracings out
Cut rope (some for dangling pieces and some for hanging)
Tie the rope to the wreath
Hot-glue rope to wood pieces
Cover that mess with paper pre-traced & cut. I used tacky glue and spread it thin with a paintbrush.
Hang from ceiling. I used a hook that screwed in.

I think the mobile I made is cuter than most of the ones you buy & attach to the crib. Plus, you don't have to remove it when baby can reach it, just hang it higher. Depending on what you hang from it, it can still be a little accent piece in the room when baby's not a baby anymore.

The owl is Charlotte's favorite. She was talking to it in the store.

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Keli B. said...

love it! such a cute idea!