Friday, June 24, 2011


I've been brave. In the past 2 weeks I've taken all 3 kids out alone to:
The Post Office
The park
Walmarts (twice!)
The mall (twice!)

Yes, that's 6 separate trips with all 3 kids all by myself! Some of the trips were because things needed to be done/coupons used, some were just to get out of the house, and some were just to see if I could. None of these trips were long and all were carefully planned around Charlotte's feedings. Oh, and there were no public meltdowns! I don't deserve a medal, but I think I do deserve a cookie! It certainly helps that Charlotte mostly does this while we're out:

The kids and I have also gone out with Chase a few times (once to see the Reptile Man) and my friend Naomi went with us to a park the other day because the fire truck was coming to spray the kids.

Reptile Man biting a gator

Simon cracking up

Jonas is amazed

Simon & the fire truck

Jonas running with the big kids

And here's a picture of Charlotte peeking out from behind her blankie all cross-eyed and cute:

I'm sure getting out and about will get more difficult when Charlotte doesn't sleep the whole time we're out, but for now short trips are quite manageable. The most difficult part is getting everyone in and out of their car seats.


Jen said...

Way to go, Mom! You do deserve a medal, but cookies taste better. :D

Keli B. said...

yes, you definitely deserve a cooke. probably two of them.