Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Buzz Lightyear & Ribs

This is Simon's current favorite shirt:

Yup, a hand-me-down blue tye-dye Buzz Lightyear shirt. He's never even seen Toy Story, but he gets excited every time he sees this shirt in his drawer and asks to wear it. He says he "wuvs" it.

And for more fun Simon stuff, here's a recent conversation we had while he was laying on the floor shirtless and puffing out his chest:

Simon: (feeling the bottom of his ribcage) What doze [those]?
Me: Those are your ribs.
Simon: I wuv dem [love them]!... (moving his hands up a bit) What deez [theese]?
Me: Those are more ribs. You're so skinny because you don't eat, and now you can feel all your ribs.
Simon: I wuv dem!

Yup, Simon loves Buzz Lightyear and his own ribs... and a suction cup spider toy.

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Chelsea Bass said...

Haha, I bet Jonas can't feel his ribs!