Monday, August 09, 2010


Wow, I've really been neglecting this blog! The reason is I haven't had anything particularly interesting or insightful to say. I still don't, but I guess I'll let my 3 followers know what's been going on in case they're not also my facebook friends...

Let's see... We're under contract to purchase our first home, but it's a short sale and that means it's complicated... Ummm... We've done some traveling... Aaaaand what else?... Jonas is almost walking and almost one year old! Oh, and Simon was in two weddings and now his curls are gone. That about covers it.

Here's what you really want- pictures!

Visiting the Billingsleys in Urbana, IL

Jonas and me at Madeira Beach, FL

Simon joins Granny & Papaw as they cut their 40th anniversary cake (which I made)

Simon enjoys a popcicle sans curls

Now here are a few videos of the kids:

Simon loves Dora the Explorer

The kids have a hand-me-down baby pool and LOVE it

The kids also have a hand-me-down play house and love it as well

Simon playing piano with our friend Mark

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sarah said...

the lewises and us were just wondering if you guys were still buying the house. that's great - not great that it is complicated, but hopefully that will work out quickly for you!