Thursday, April 29, 2010


Simon is two years old today! We had his party on Saturday to celebrate with friends and family. It was music-themed complete with a guitar cake that I made for him. His granny (Chase's mom) helped me make a birthday banner and Neena Neena (my mom) and Aunt Rookie Spookie (my sister Cassie) did balloons, streamers and inflatable guitars.

Simon, I can hardly believe that it's been two whole years since you were born. You are brilliant. I know every parent thinks their own children are geniuses, but you really are brilliant. You can count to at least 14; recognize all the letters of the alphabet with the exception of "V" (you call it "Y"); know all your primary and secondary colors plus brown, black, white and pink; know a lot of animals and the sounds they make; and have an ever growing vocabulary.

You love to play outside especially at the park. Every time we leave the park or just drive by, you cry "Tids!" (kids) in the most pitiful sad voice and it's very cute. You amaze me with your climbing and balancing abilities and crack me up every time you go down a slide because you usually go down head-first on your belly and almost always say "Weeee!" but not necessarily with enthusiasm!

You are such a good helper. You like to help me load the laundry into the washing machine, help unload the dishwasher, throw things away and put Jonas' bottles in the sink. You like brushing your teeth. You clean up your toys at bedtime.

You love your little brother. When Jonas cries, you give him his plug (pacifier) or a toy or an empty bottle. It usually only takes attention from you to get him to stop crying. You like when I put him in your crib with you when you wake up in the morning or after nap. You call him "Doans" and whenever you don't know where he is you say, "Doans! Where are you?" Usually you say that (loudly) when he's napping. You make him laugh like no one else can.

You are hilarious, smart, silly, fun and sweet. I could go on and on and on about you but will stop here for now. I love you and beg you not to grow up too soon! (But I'm perfectly fine with you giving up your diapers and using the potty instead!)

Eating birthday cake at his 2nd birthday party

Eating cake at his 1st birthday party

The day Simon came home from the hospital!

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